Amethyst Necklace With Crystal Stones

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Amethyst calms and cools excessive emotions, and eases the transition to a more meditative state by clearing the unnecessary mind clutter. On a physical level, amethyst is said to strengthen the immune system and help heal imbalances in the respiratory tract and skin. This beautiful necklace with amethyst stone and crystal stones will help you to carry all the benefits of amethyst with a stylish manner.


Amethyst was known as a gem that would bring forth the highest, purest aspirations of human kind. Chastity, sobriety, and control over one’s thoughts were all attributes heightened by wearing the stone.

The gem would guard against the anger of passion, and the violent or base nature of its wearer. The stone encouraged calm, bravery, and contemplation.

Wearing amethyst jewelry is cleansing, both physically and psychologically. It promotes internal balance and harmony and brings stability to the individual.

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