Chakra Energy Bracelet

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Chakra bracelets are accessories that have been worn in eastern cultures for centuries for their healing properties. 7 different stones are represent 7 spiritual chakras in the human body. Chakra bracelet made of Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Jasper, Agate, Tiger Eye and Onyx. It is an perfect spiritual gift for men and women.



– Healing Properties of this Design –

~Physical Benefits~
Neurological problems, Thyroid-pineal gland-DNA Repair, Nervous system, Sleep problems, EMF Purification.

~Emotional Healing~
Tranquil, Meditative, Compassion, Comfort, Discernment, Self Confidence.

~Spiritual Healing~
Guidance to ones Divine Path, Protection, Cosmic Awareness, Enhancement of Psychic Abilities, Unconditional Love, Spiritual Growth.

Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star Chakra.


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