Chakra Yoga Mat – Non Slip Cork Material

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Ultimate grip that improves as you sweat. Suitable for all forms of yoga, pilates and other exercise with a beautiful 7 chakras design.
Antimicrobial – bacteria, fungus  or viruses do not grow on cork
Sustainable – cork harvesting stimulates tree growth
Low thermal conductivity – mat will always feel comfortable no matter what temperature your body is
Height&Width: 183X68CM – Thickness: 5 mm



◆High quality eco friendly material: using high quality natural cork material, easy to clean and care.

◆Anti slip and anti perspiration: due to the unique anti sweating surface, the cork yoga mat is very antiskid, which is very suitable for people who tend to sweat a lot.

◆Thicker: 5mm thickess, superior stability, support and comfort.


■ Even though chakra yoga mats are fully foldable please avoid excessive reverse folding for better performance.

Carrying case included.



■ Material: Cork+TPE

■ Thickness: 5 mm

■ Length: 183X68CM

■ Color: Burlywood

■ Suitable for: Daily exercise

■ Place: Indoor/outdoor

■ Classification: Pilates / Fitness / Yoga mat

■ Age: Both children adult

■ Style: Smooth surface with 7 chakras

■ Feature: Sweat absorption


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