Orgonite Sri Yantra Healing Pendant – Sacred Geometry

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– Healing Properties of this Design –

~Physical Benefits~
Neurological, thyroid, pineal gland, DNA Repair, nervous Ssystem, sleep, EMF purification.

~Emotional Healing~
Tranquil, meditative, compassion, comfort, discernment, self confidence and all around emotional balancing.

~Spiritual Healing~
Guidance to ones Divine Path, protection, cosmic awareness, enhancement of psychic abilities, unconditional love, spiritual growth.

Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star Chakra

Each piece is personally crafted. Each stone is specifically placed.



Please note: Since every stone has it’s own benefits and effects on individual, it’s very important to pick the right stone(s) for your mental and psychical well being. Please carefully read product descriptions before making a purchase to find the best healing properties for your situation.

  • This pendant can be used for enhance the effect of Chakra tune ups, past life exploration, vivid dreams/dream healing, space/land clearing and physical healing.
  • It is also great energy balancer for self help – self healing and self discovery purposes.

Detailed healing properties of every stone in this pendant;

Red Jasper (Root chakra): Red Jasper is a stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others, and the courage to overcome oppression. It also sustains those in the process of healing and recovering from bad emotional experiences. Red Jasper is a perfect stone of courage and strength for a someone being teased or bullied. It is a bright, tangible reminder and a great confidence builder.

Red Agate (Sacral chakra): It is a gemstone that helps you open your heart and welcome new energies into it. When you use or touch a red agate, your heart opens and mind welcomes new ideas without hesitance.

Topaz (Solar Plexus chakra): Topaz soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, re-motivates and aligns the meridians of the body – directing energy to where it is needed most. It promotes truth and forgiveness. Topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It is known as a stone of love and good fortune.

Jade (Heart chakra): Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. Jade attracts good luck and good relationship with people. It stabilises the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. Soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts.

Turquoise (Throat chakra): Turquoise balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilising mood swings and instilling inner calm. It is excellent for depression and exhaustion, it also has the power to prevent panic attacks.

Lapis Lazuli (Third eye chakra): Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth, providing qualities of honesty, compassion and morality to the personality. Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one’s truth and inspires confidence.

Amethyst (Crown chakra): Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. It’s a natural tranquiliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.

“Each piece is personally crafted. Each stone is specifically placed.”



What is Orgone Energy?

Orgonite was inspired by the research of Dr Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist who studied bio-energy in the 20th century. He found that energy (which he termed orgone energy) behaved differently depending on whether it was interacting with organic, carbon based materials, or inorganic metals. Orgonite works by drawing in energy through its matrix which is made with resin and metals, the organic and inorganic materials. Inside every orgonite is a crystal quartz. The crystal returns the energy to a natural, balanced and healthy state.

Every necklace, pendant and stone on SpirituaLights™ comes with tribal embroidered protection case.

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