Galaxy Light Projector With Bluetooth Speaker

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SpirituaLights™ projects a realistic starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of your room. It’s your own personal galaxy! Sound-activation will make a flashing light to change patterns with the beat of the music you are listening. Imagine meditating or relaxing with soothing tunes under galactic lights. Whether your looking to improve your sleep or looking to have a sparkling party at night, SpirituaLights™ is for you.




The Cosmos; our universe of shining stars and big planets. It’s hard to deny how fascinating and magical the vast darkness really is. But in that darkness, there is also something soothing to us. Studies show lights such that mimic stars help reduce anxiety and stress.

SpirituaLights™ Galaxy Light Projector projects a realistic starry night sky with galactic wave patterns and stars onto the ceiling and the walls of the room. It fills entire place with nebula and twinkle stars. With 21 lightning modes, a unique way to light up parties, enhance your meditation experience, revitalize your workspace, or light a romantic dinner for two. It also works as a night light.​​

Built-in Bluetooth Music Speaker and USB slot with a sound motion sensor allows the projection changing the color according to the beat of the music or clapping your hands. Imagine yourself relaxing while watching galaxies at your room when they move accordingly to your favorite soothing music. Or you can simply create a disco or party effect anytime you want!



The remote controller of SpirituaLights™ with sound-activated flicker mode. Freely turn on/off the lamp, change lighting mode, cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, start/stop the motion or adjust the volume. 3 Auto-off timer options, built-in 1H/ 2H/ 4H turn off.

Product Q&A

  • Do the stars / clouds move ?

Yes, you can use the remote control to let the stars / clouds move or stop.

  • Does it project around the room or just on the ceiling?

It can cover the most of the room if it’s placed properly.

  • Can i play my own music for instance through Youtube or Spotify on it?

Yes, after connecting your mobile with the projector via Bluetooth, you can play your own playlist anytime you like and enjoy songs and lights together. There is a volume button on the led star projector and on the remote to control music switch.

  • Can this light be used without sound playing?

Yes, this light can be used without sound playing, the sound can be shut off and just enjoy the light show without music or sounds.

  • Can I leave this one as a night light ?

Yes, of course. It is ideal for use as a night light for relaxation.

  • Can I adjust the brightness ?

Yes, Just use the remote to choose the brightness you like. The brightness of light could be adjusted: 30%, 60%, 100%.

  • Can I keep the projector light on one color or will it only cycle through all different colors ?

Yes, you can choose one color or multiple colors to creat different star projectors.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our support team get back to you as soon as possible.